Sustainability Journey .. Today For Tomorrow!


Since its inception, Al Ain Zoo has served as a symbol of hope, dedicated to preserving wildlife and sustaining the environment through coexistence and support for biodiversity across diverse ecosystems.


Al Ain Zoo's horticultural team understands the importance of maintaining a delicate balance to sustain vegetation and foster robust ecosystems. Carefully selected native species, including Sidr, Samr, Qirt, Ghaf, Asbuj, Aarakh, Shaw, and Hannu, seamlessly coexist with each other to create an enduring and breathtaking botanical masterpiece capable of withstanding our climate. Today, over 214 Ghaf trees stand tall, filling our landscapes with a refreshing fragrance. These trees symbolize resilience, as they can adapt to the harshest climate conditions. Unfortunately, they face threats from rapid urban development and grazing animals in various habitats.


In the Zoo's pursuit of sustainability and resource conservation, the horticulture team replaced natural grass with a blend of local plants and gravel in select areas. This clever move reduced water consumption and recreated the natural beauty of the UAE's environment, inspiring visitors to appreciate and protect our incredible nature. Furthermore, Al Ain Zoo's efforts to make the most of every resource motivated the team to find innovative ways to repurpose various parts of these trees, from branches to wood shavings, serving multiple functions, including animal food, landscaping, maintenance, and more.


In 2016, Al Ain Zoo established the Seed Bank as part of its commitment to preserving the UAE's botanical heritage for future generations. The Seed Bank houses over 50 native and non-native plant species, carefully cataloged and stored to ensure their preservation and regeneration whenever required. This priceless repository is crucial for preserving and safeguarding our botanical diversity against potential threats.


Speaking of the Seed Bank, it should be accompanied by the thriving nurseries, which house a broad range of plants carefully maintained and cultivated by an enthusiastic team. Their tireless dedication goes beyond conservation; they aim to improve and revitalize our green areas, creating tranquil retreats full of vitality.


Al Ain Zoo has always emphasized education and awareness as part of its sustainability journey. Collaborating with various governmental bodies, the Zoo's teams have developed educational initiatives catering to different age groups. Their relentless efforts inspire people to protect and sustain their natural resources, reminding them that preserving nature is a collective responsibility. Al Ain Zoo today stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a more sustainable and responsible future.


Today, the towering trees in Al Ain Zoo are living witnesses to the unmatched efforts in sustainability. Together, we can create a sustainable and harmonious world. Come and visit the thriving nature and be inspired to take action. Remember, your decisions can help our planet flourish for generations to come.