Educational Visit Guidelines

General Rules and Regulations

  • For All School Packages, apply a 10:1 ratio (1 teacher/assistant free for every 10 students).
  • Any extra adults are chargeable based on the Zoo’s entrance fee.
  • Accompanied teachers/assistants are responsible for students’ behavior and safety inside the Zoo. There should be no running, shouting, or screaming in the Zoo for the safety of the children and the wellbeing of the animals.
  • Bookers are responsible for the number of students chargeable as requested upon reservation.
  • All members on the trip must arrive and enter the Zoo together. One person in charge will make the payment for the entire group. Cash or credit cards are accepted. At the time of check-in, we require an accurate count of all children and adults. All persons entering with the group must be accounted for in the payment. All groups are required to provide payment in full at the time of entry
  • Class and group behavior is the responsibility of chaperoning teachers and/or assistants, NOT Al Ain Zoo’s Education Officers.


Before You Arrive

  • Changing the Date: If you need to change the selected visit dates, please call the Education Centre Office at 03 -7992444 or send an email to:

  • Tickets: Make sure every student has paid the admission fees. Ensure that your group has adequate supervision - we require at least 1 adult (free entry) for every 10 students.

  • Field Trip: Admissions will be issued as group tickets instead of individually. The group leader should go to the ticketing office and give the correct number (students and chaperones).
  • Teachers/assistants Info: Inform the chaperones that they are responsible to lead their assigned students before you arrive at the Zoo.
  • Students: Must be supervised at all times while on the Zoo premises, including play areas, rides, and the Gift Shop.
  • Bus Driver Info: Please make sure the bus driver knows where to unload/load the buses. Remember, there are dedicated bus parking spaces. Bus drivers are allowed to enter the Zoo with their group for free.
  • Emergency Info: Be sure to carry emergency contact numbers for each student.
  • Food: For your convenience, only individual lunch boxes are allowed. Ordering food from outside the Zoo is not allowed.
  • Planning: We recommend that you plan your trip using our map. It typically takes at least 3-4 hours to see the entire Zoo.


Arriving at Al Ain Zoo


Guided Tours

  • Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre staff will greet you upon arrival. Please provide them with the total number of students and teachers.
  • One person from your group will need to go to the ticketing office to purchase tickets for the whole group.
  • Discuss and confirm with the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre staff your tour route and your departure time. Please note that animal encounter activities cannot be amended while the tours are taking place.

Self-guided Tours

  • One person from your group will need to go to the ticketing office to purchase tickets for the whole group.
  • You can take a train tour with your students. Trains start at 11:30 am.
  • Ensure that all children/youths are supervised AT ALL TIMES
  • Please visit for more information about the Zoo.


During Your Visit

Guidelines for Teachers/Assistants

  • Count the number of students in your group often to make sure you have your full group with you at all times. Students should not wander around the Zoo without any adult supervision.
  • Your entire group should always be together – regardless of age and independence.
  • We keep our animals in a safe environment. Remind students not to bang on the glass, yelling at the animals, or throw things into the exhibit area.
  • Encourage curiosity and exploration.
  • Help students to learn and explore by asking questions that keep them involved. Responding positively to their answers and ideas and encouraging them to learn by observing.
  • Keep students focused: Make sure students are participating in activities, and gently redirect them if they are having trouble focusing.
  • Respect the Zoo grounds. Make sure students don’t litter, write on walls, climb on exhibits and trees, or do anything else that may jeopardize their safety, or damage the environment and Zoo property.
  • Respect other visitors. Remind students that they are sharing the Zoo with other visitors. Please take turns in watching the animals, keep voices low and encourage walking rather than running.

In Case of Emergency


  • If you face any emergency, ask any of our Zoo staff to inform the Manager on Duty.
  • First Aid: Ask any Zoo staff or Security to direct you to the First Aid Room located at the Main Entrance.
  • Lost Students:: If a student is separated from your group, please inform the Guest Relation Office or Security.


Hazards, Risks, And Controls


Hazards, Risks Controls  
Dangerous animals, risk of being bitten Warning signs on enclosures; safety barriers in place; feeding of animals is prohibited. 
Contact With Animals And Animal Artifacts-Risk of disease contraction or accidental injury  Hand-cleansing facilities available in places where there is direct contact with animals; washbasins provided in Giraffe feeding area; warning and advisory signs displayed; feeding the animals and unplanned contact with animals is prohibited; contact with animals is supervised by Education Centre and Zoo staff; if soap is unavailable in dispensers, please inform a staff member.
Darkness In The Nocturnal House-Risk of injury from collisions and tripping Go slowly to allow eyes to adjust to light level: signage - warning signs are placed at the entrance.
Play areas  Active supervision by parents and/or school staff. This supervision must be in accordance with the recommended ratio.
Zoo Vehicles - Risk of being hit by Zoo vehicle Site-wide speed limits: driver training and experience



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