The world’s first centre dedicated entirely to these rare animals, is now home to the largest number of Arab sand cats in captivity in the world, with between 15 and 20 of the animals in breeding groups over an area of ​​279 square meters.

The centre is devoted to the care and reproduction of these shy animals within strict criteria that also take into account their extreme sensitivity to respiratory infections by controlling the temperature and humidity of the shelters. The breeding centre contributes to increasing the numbers of sand cats in breeding programs and improving the genetic origins of this species, locally and globally.

The centre offers specialized visits for researchers and those interested in becoming acquainted with the Arabian sand cats while studying their behavior, working to improve the outcome of the breeding programs.

Our experts at Al Ain Zoo, in cooperation with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, have conducted integrated genetic laboratory analysis of the Arabian sand cats which has helped in determining the most appropriate cats for breeding and improving the genetic health of cat groups for the future to facilitate work on the genetic comparisons between the Arabian sand cat and other wild cats in Africa and Asia.