The first outdoor exhibition for penguins in the Middle East is set on an area of ​​275 square meters. It consists of an external area for the penguins with a water pool and a man-made beach. It also contains a sophisticated system for treatment and purification of water, walkways for visitors, and is landscaped with sculptures of different types of animals.

This project gives visitors the opportunity to interact directly with the penguins on the beach area and feed them, as well as learning about them from those who look after these cheerful and cute birds. You can also see them swimming skillfully in their outdoor pool through specially designed glass panels.

The beach houses 10-20 Humboldt penguins and has been planted with a variety of fauna,  such as the palm trees.

The project works effortlessly to educate the public on their important role in protecting the penguins from extinction, which is achieved by protecting their environment and providing a detailed explanation of the threats that can lead to their extinction, including hunting and the loss of their natural habitats.