Located in front of the Education Centre, Koala Land, the only one of its kind in the Middle East, covers an area of 1,650 square meters and offers visitors a fascinating opportunity to enjoy Australian nature while watching these cute marsupials from characteristic wooden buildings. Australian koalas are considered to be amongst the cutiest creatures in the animal kingdom. The exhibit features indoor and outdoor exhibitions, animal shelters and a variety of visitor services.

The building itself is designed in the style of Queensland Australian homes with wooden walkways that allow visitors to view the unique marsupial in an outdoor environment during winter and indoors during the summer. See the koalas up close and personal from a gradually sloping high walk-way just three meters away, as you view the tree branches where they live in a facility that simulates their natural environment.

The exhibit offers visitors a fascinating opportunity to explore the life of the koala, the world’s second most popular animal after the giant panda, and offers wonderful opportunities to take photographs with this wonderful animal.

Koala Land is currently home to six Australian koalas, and Al Ain Zoo is the only zoo in the Middle East to have a specially designed Eucalyptus trees farm to feed the koalas their unique diet.


The koala has long sharp claws that help it climb tree trunks and has an acute sense of hearing that is useful in discovering if predators get close. They also have a very keen sense of smell which helps them to identify the juiciest eucalyptus leaves to feed on.