Al Ain Zoo is home to a band of gorillas that includes four males, we are the only Zoo to house this number of the critically endangered species.


The Sanctuary includes 3 indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, walkways and the “Jewel of Africa” area. This allows visitors to witness the gorillas living their daily lives naturally on an area of ​​8.725 square meters in an environment that simulates their natural African habitat.


The Sanctuary’s land area is covered by 1,881 square meters of green space, where the four male gorillas live. They are classified as critically endangered according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, due to their low numbers in the wild and the deterioration of their natural habitats.

The Sanctuary offers visitors closed and air-conditioned areas from where they are able to see the gorillas in different seasons of the year through two main viewing areas. In addition, visitors can experience wandering through an authentic African environment under the shade of rainforest trees and plants scattered throughout the Sanctuary.

The Zoo organises many animal conservation programs, including those for the gorilla, as part of its species management and conservation programs in environments that mimics their native habitat. The Zoo also works to provide various educational programs that serve university students studying animal science and behaviour specialities.