This is the only project of its kind in the Arabian Gulf that gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy watching these amazing African animals up close in the heart of the wildlife that resides at Al Ain Zoo. It includes a rare global diversity of species that mixes a large group of antelopes, lions, elephants and others.

The project extends over an area of ​​23.77 hectares and is located to the near of ​​the current Al Ain Safari. It consists of the Elephants Safari, the African Village, an educational area, and open spaces for roaming, which are secured for the safety of visitors. In addition, an area where visitors can get a view of the safari animals from a walkway and watchtower. The Elephant Safari Café provides a restful place from where visitors can enjoy observing the elephants in an environment that simulates their natural environment, while also taking in the vast areas of the project that are decorated with local man-made sculptures, rock formations and wooden structures that resemble their natural African habitats.


The Elephants Safari also provides a range of associated experiences, such as feeding the elephants, in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere and the ability to feed other animals while listening to stories about the animals from their Keeper. Emirati tour guides will accompany all visitors in the Safari.

Our Zoo actively seeks to achieve its three main pillars of conservation, education and experience, by providing a habitat and an integrated environment for large wild animals such as elephants. This also includes our conservation and management programs in the Safari, as well as the provision of educational programs on the protection of endangered animals. As a result, Al Ain Zoo attracts a large number of visitors from around the world, supporting the tourism sector and putting Al Ain on the map of the country's leading tourism spots.