What is the cost of the educational tour ticket?


    • The price of an educational tour ticket to the Zoo or at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre is AED 31.5 per student (including VAT).
    • The price of the ticket for the integrated educational tour in the zoo and the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre is AED 63 per student (including VAT)
    • The price of the educational safari tour ticket is AED 52.5 per student (including VAT)
    • The price of the self-guided tour is AED 10.5 per student (including VAT)


    How can we book an Educational Programme?


    • Contact the School Programs Department by email at education@alainzoo.ae    You can also fill out the booking form available on www.alainzoo.ae
    • After receiving the booking form, the availability of the booking will be confirmed on the specified days, and a confirmation email will be sent with all the details.


    Are there Restaurants in the Zoo?

    • Yes, there are a range of restaurants in the Zoo 


    What Programmes does the Zoo offer?


    The Zoo offers many educational programs, including:

    • Field Education Programmes
    • Education Programmes in the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre
    • Virtual Education Programmes
    • Heritage Programmes
    • Outreach Programmes
    • Educational Camps

    Click here to View All Educational Programs


    When do the Educational Tours start?

    • Educational Tours start at 09:00 am and last for one to two hours, depending on the type of tour chosen.


    How can I book an Educational Programme?



    What are the Outreach Programmes?

    Al Ain Zoo offers various field outreach programs that provide excellent educational interactive opportunities for acquiring new knowledge on different environmental topics, wildlife, and conservation. Our outreach programs are divided into two main categories: assembly and classroom. We can also participate in your educational and environmental events and public celebrations. 


    Is there a fee for the Outreach Programs?  

    There are currently no fees for the Outreach Programs


    What are the Heritage Programmes offered?

    Al Ain Zoo mixes the originality of heritage with the civilization of the future to present them to visitors through a series of heritage programs and activities that gather different ancient flavors in modern molds, with interactive tools and methods through which the participants move between the original fragrance of the past from a popular heritage and the values ​​of local belonging, harnessing heritage in a sustainable way for future generations.


    What are the allowed ages of students to book Safari Tours?

    • Students who are 6 years and older are allowed.


    How long is the Safari Tour?

    • The duration of the Safari Tour is approximately 30 minutes


    How many students are allowed per tour?

    • The number of students allowed is the number of seats available in the truck, which may vary according to vehicle availability.


    Are two trucks provided or one for each tour / How many students are allowed per truck?

    • Two trucks are available according to the number of students present: one truck can accommodate 22 students and the other 26 students, along with the Safari guide.


    How much is the ticket price for a teacher who is over the allowed number?


    • The ticket price is AED 52.5 (including VAT). 10 students allow one teacher/assistant for free.


    What Programs are offered in the Safari Tour?


    • A general tour of the Al Ain Safari, with a detailed explanation of the endangered African animals found in the safari.
    • Giraffe feeding experience (according to circumstances).
    • Explanation of the role of the Zoo in preserving nature and spreading awareness among students about how to conserve and preserve nature for future generations.


    What Animals can be seen during the Tour?

    Endangered African animals, including the African Lion, White Rhinoceros, Zebra, Springbok, Impala, Kudu, Giraffe, Ostrich, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, Eland, Sable Deer, Roan antelope, Wildebeest, Nile Lechwe, turtles, and a large variety of migratory birds.


    In what way are students transferred from the old gate of the Zoo to the safari?


    • They are transported by train if they have pre-booked and are then transferred to the Safari visitor waiting area.


    Is there a risk form for Safari tours?


    • Attached to your security and safety procedures.


    Are Students of Determination allowed on Safari Tours?


    • Yes (depending on the situation and the availability of the truck)


    Is there a Fee for Students of Determination?


    • No, but an accompanying assistant must purchase a ticket.
    • Assistant must be present.


    Is there a Giraffe feeding activity during the tour?


    • Yes, during the Safari trip, depending on the circumstances.


    What are the general and important guidelines that the teacher/assistant should have before the Tour (to explain to students before the visit)?


    • It is necessary to tell students to always follow the instructions of the guide
    • The guide has the right to end the trip if the students do not follow his or her instructions


    What facilities are available in the park and near the Safari area that the teacher can take the students to until the start of their tour?

    • They can take a tour of many other animal exhibitions near the Safari area, which include the hippo exhibition, cheetah track, hyenas, and Dama gazelle
    • There are other facilities including a mosque, washrooms, a supermarket, and the giraffe feeding service.


    What is the arrival time for schools from Al Ain or those outside Al Ain?


    • Arrival times are from 09:00am to 10:00am (please coordinate 48 hours before).


    What language is used on the tour?

    • According to the students' requirements, Zoo tours are conducted in Arabic or English.