We take it upon ourselves to cherish the legacy graciously passed on to us by our founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, by constantly seeking to achieve the balance between growth, development, advancement, and preserving our environment, as he advised. His wise words that paved the way for the approach we now adopt on environmental sustainability were: “As long as we live on this earth we owe it both to our ancestors and future generations to maintain and protect the environment including the precious wildlife within it”.

We proudly took on his mission and moved forward with belief and certainty that preserving the environment and all forms of natural life is a value that we need to instill in each of our visitors, young and old. This was accomplished by designing several exciting activities and educational experiences that shed light on the importance of our planet and wildlife. Furthermore, we worked on supporting this noble cause by building a strategy that stands with the Abu Dhabi Government in its quest to maintain biodiversity and its efforts to bolster tourism in the emirate to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations locally, regionally and internationally.

Our achievements are results of team spirit, determination, and insightful management that led to brilliant ideas turned into reality. Those achievements would not have been possible without the motivational support of our wise leadership, prompting us to upgrade our operations and services to provide our visitors with amazing experiences within the walls of our Zoo.  Together with our partners, we embraced our commitment to implement our projects in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner while never losing sight of the fact that human beings are the real wealth and investing in people is the best we can do for the future. We value our human resources and we are always keen to attract expertise, scientific competence, and enthusiasm of different nationalities, in addition to Emarati talents to join us in specialized fields. We make sure to provide our team with professionally designed training and career development programs to sharpen their skills and broaden their expertise to become some of the most qualified UAE experts.

We are passionate dreamers at the Al Ain Zoo and that adds to our commitment to work hard and achieve the national goals. Despite of the tension surrounding the environmental status of natural habitats of wildlife, we are proud to be one of the success stories of being able to create a sustainable eco-system that benefits fauna, flora, and man. The Al Ain Zoo was able to turn around an unpromising reality, even with all the obstacles involved, in creating an environment that houses some of the most precious wildlife and plants for future generations.

Inspiration, innovation, and creativity lead us to many outstanding achievements. We will continue to reach new heights in delivering joyful and distinctive experiences for our visitors specially designed to help change the way we see and care about our world.



H.E. Ghanim Mubarak Al Hajeri

Director General - Al Ain Zoo