Chimpanzee Forest is the biggest open-air chimpanzee exhibit in the Middle East, a new natural habitat containing what is considered to be the most intelligent animals after humans and one of the largest known primate species in the world. The project offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the experience of seeing the chimps exploring and climbing wooden structures with connected rock formations and elevated platforms where the chimpanzees demonstrate their natural behaviour and social interactions. The exhibition, with its natural landscape simulating rainforests, is located in front of the Children's Zoo and close to the bird world exhibit. It extends over an area of ​​8,848 square meters. The Chimpanzee Forest has been designed to meet the necessary standards of safety, security and animal welfare.

The exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy watching the chimpanzees in both summer and winter through two experiences. In the external experience, visitors wander along direct paths over the water to the Chimpanzee Forest, while in the interior experience, visitors can see the chimps as they live their daily lives in an environment that simulates their natural environment.

Visitors enjoy watching the chimpanzees playing on the ropes and raised platforms to show off their natural behaviour and social interactions. The viewing experience also includes a series of explanatory drawings that highlights the chimps’ environment, social structure, and the threats to their long-term survival in the wild.

The project is home to five chimpanzees, considered one of the most popular primates in the world. It also contains tropical trees and landscapes that simulate the rainforest environment.

Al Ain Zoo seeks to achieve its pillars of preserving nature by providing the highest levels of interest in endangered animals for their conservation, such as continuous care, well-regulated nutrition, and special monitoring program. In addition, the Zoo provides unique and varied educational experiences and teachings about the animals in its care to visitors of all age groups.