Usage And Safety Rules: 

Before you begin, be sure to do the following : 

  1. See the tracks and select the paths that best suit your capabilities
  2. Always comply with instructional and warning signs. 
  3. Before using the bike, you must make sure that everything is working properly. 

Rules and Regulations :

  • Ride the bike in the designated areas only. 
  • Ride at a suitable speed and give way to pedestrians.
  • Do not take any sharp bends at high speeds, as there is a danger of the bike tipping over. 
  • Do not ride backward at high speed, as it may result in losing control of the steering. 
  • Always brake using the back-pedal brake. 
  • Beware of loose hanging pieces of clothing such as scarves and shoelaces. These can become entangled in moving parts, which can lead to accidents. 
  • Avoid any contact with the wheels when you are riding the bike. 
  • Do not get on or off the bike while it is moving. 

On the track: 

  1. Always wear the right clothing and safety gear ( cycle helmet and gloves). 
  2. The track is designed in one way system(one-way round trip ). 
  3. Always follow the official signage and directions & look for warning signs. 
  4. Expect the unexpected and watch out for other riders. 
  5. Always be polite and courteous to other riders and allow other riders to pass. 
  6. Ride at a suitable speed and give way to pedestrians.
  7. Do not take any sharp bends at high speeds. 
  8. Always use the rear pedal brake to brake the bike. 
  9. Do not get off the bike while it's moving.