Al Ain Zoo is the only nature reserve in the Middle East that has been established to preserve the natural habitats of so many animals and is currently home to approximately 400 threatened species, including the Houbara, the Arabian sand cat and the Arabian oryx. The Zoo also relies on the local plant diversity found around the site that provides a model for the natural wildlife of Al Ain and the United Arab Emirates.

The reserve extends over an area of ​​13,823.4 square meters, covering all the southeastern parts of the Zoo’s land, including the rocky hills on its borders.

Visitors to the Zoo can enjoy a full range of experiences and go on an amazing adventure amidst the natural wildlife, such as climbing rocky paths where excitement and suspense enhance the experience, observing wild birds, watching the animals roaming around in nature and our beautiful lakes, ponds and streams, in addition to various restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food for visitors in an integrated natural experience for all ages.

The environmentally friendly facilities of the reserve play a  distinguished role in enhancing the ability of the Zoo to be the main contributor to the sustainability of wildlife and environmental education, as well as the protection of wildlife through the reserve, based on local natural elements.

The reserve actively promotes tourism in the city of Al Ain and has created a family tourist destination of a unique nature, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Al Ain Zoo provides a valuable model for nature reserves for tourism and building awareness of environmental diversity in visitors, students, academics and field research.