Let's Roll & Stroll!

Put on your sunglasses and book your shuttle service for a summer trip filled with refreshing snacks, drinks, and experiences at our 5 unique stops! Do not miss visiting Zaafarana family and tasting the most delicious mango ice cream that can chill the sun’s heat; then hurry to watch the white Tiger splashing in his pool while you and your family enjoy some cold fresh juices. A tropical surprise awaits you at your next stop at the animal ride stop. All of this and more at our “Let’s roll & Stroll” tour! Roam in complete freedom among animal habitats, then head off to a new adventure once you hop on our fast shuttle service.

  • Family’s favorite service
  • Available at the Shuttle Service window
  • Prices: 42 AED for Adults, 21 AED for children (snacks prices are not included)