Visiting The Lion Kingdom


Do you have the heart to experience the most tremendous adrenaline rush you can ever feel? We dare you to try our Lion Kingdom Visit experience! You will come closer to the mightiest, fiercest cats. With a courageous heart and confident steps, enjoy observing, learning & understanding our lion family behaviors, and witness different keepers’ activities while dealing with the jungle kings and queens.


  • Booking: Ticketing Office
  • Available: ThursdayFriday & Saturday
  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • Price: 80 AED /person (minimum 4 guests up to 6 guests)

Rules & Regulations:

  • Follow the guide instructions at all times
  • Loud noises are prohibited
  • Please stay in the group
  • This experience is not suitable for those under 8 years old, people of determination, and people suffering from diseases triggered by animals
Opening Hours
11:30 AM